Angel’s Trumpets

How to buy and care for Brugmansia and Datura

I started growing Angels Trumpets five years ago, and still find them amazing.

I have plants from New Rooted Cuttings to plants which stand over 6-8 feet tall.

Their spectacular perfume in the early evening is quite stunning.

Every Garden and Patio should have at least one.

If at any time you would like to ask a question about your plant, please email me. My aim is to make you as happy with your plant as I am with all of mine.


  1. Never let dry out in the Summer Months.
  2. Feed every week. I use Miracle Grow.
  3. They will not survive a bad winter out-side. Keep in a Garage or Out-House.
  4. They will drop their leaves through the Winter, but in the Spring they come back to life.
  5. They do not like to be pot bound.

Thank-you for looking and buying an Angels Trumpet.