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How to buy and care for Brugmansia and Datura

Plant care information is based on my own personal experience growing these plants. I make no guarantee that this information will work for you, all I can say is that it works for me.

Receiving your Plant

Unpack your plant carefully! It has been lovingly packaged, and secured in the box, in order for it to survive the rigours of shipping.

Once unpacked water your plant only if it is dry, otherwise place in a warm, humid, and shady location and let it rest for a couple of days.

Plant Care

Brugmansias can tolerate full sun to part shade but do not like intense heat. Move them into the shade during hot summer days.

They are root hardy to 5 degrees C.

Root Hardiness

Some Brugmansia are root hardy some are not, at least some do not do very well coming back from frozen. Most B. Suaveolens and its hybrids are best for root hardiness. The B. Versiclors and hybrids are typically root hardy but are slow growing and never attain blooming size in a single season. Some areas where the ground does not freeze in winter, it is possible to leave the plant in the ground. A heavy layer of mulch will protect the roots. This method can work to Zone 5 against a south facing wall.
Favourites for where the ground does not freeze in Winter are :

  • Solid Gold
  • Jamaican Yellow
  • Frosty Pink
  • Jamaican Sunset

There are more, but these work well for me.
They all work outstandingly well when over wintered outside as stated above. I have also had plants which I have wintered under conifers in pots. Never assume a plant has died. I have had plants where there has been no sign of growth. Then after a few weeks into the growing season, they send up new shoots. They really are amazing.

If in the ground cut them back in the Autumn when frosts threatens and cover with a thick layer of mulch for the winter.

For plants in large pots, they need unrestricted growth. Use a well drained soil mix rich in organic matter. Use plenty of Perlite.

Let the plant dry out completely during the winter months, before you give just a little water.

Bring inside, shed, greenhouse, etc., when frost threaten.

During the growing season water the container regularly.

They will perform best with regular feedings with a balanced fertilizer. Feed every week during the active growing season.

Brugmansia are susceptible to bugs, they seem to love them. So, keep a close eye on your plants.